Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things I Will NOT Do to This Blog Once I am Married...

As you may or may not know, I will soon be taking a giant step down the path to responsible, mature adulthood. No, this step does not include my personal forsaking of Lil' Wayne beats, Gossip Girl and Marshmallow Mateys. Sorry mom, I am nowhere near THAT grown up. No, I have actually managed to recruit someone to agree to marry me. So come December 17th of this year, these hip hop listening ears and teenage drama watching eyes will belong to someone's wife. Brock is absolutely perfect and more than that, he is perfect for me. He is the one person who can not only put up with my seemingly endless personality quirks, but he actually seems to sort of like them! He, on the other hand, comes fully loaded with all the features/qualities every desirable husband needs- responsible,hardworking,athletic,love of budgeting spreadsheets etc. Anyway,he is fabulous, I got dang lucky, and eventually this blog will have to change a bit. Here is what I promise NOT to do:

1. I promise I will not change the title to anything including the word "love". People don't need the "clever" title of a blog to be reminded that we are in love. If we weren't, would we be married? I think not. This means no "Love and Memories" and no "All Because 2 People Fell in Love". I will also not use the word "est". As in "Sargent Family: est. 2010". I will also not use a "witty" combination of both of our names, ie. "Brockolyn". We'll save that one for People Magazine.

2. I promise not to post what I call "jumpy pics". Jumpy pics commonly litter the facebook albums and blog posts of Utah Mormons everywhere. They are usually comprised of either a line of girls, or a newlywed couple, at the high point of a synchronized jump. Arms and legs are flailing and an open mouthed, surprised look is usually on the subjects' faces, not unlike the gaping mouthed look I assume a salmon would have, when hooked on a fishing line and being reeled in from the high seas. Quite frankly, I have toyed with the idea of doing this, but Brock and I couldn't even summon up the mental strength (nor physical ability) to do it in jest. I am nowhere near coordinated enough, and I love my future husband too much to strip his manliness away from him in that manner.

3. I will refer to my husband by his name, which is "Brock". I will not downplay his importance as a human being by only referring to him as "husband", like he is a nameless accessory for me to cart around town. (Example: "Handbag" and I went to the mall today...) When I use the word "husband", it will be prefaced with the word "my". I will not call him "lova boy" or "babe" or "Brockers"

4. My posts will have substance. Or at least, as much "substance" as they do now. (Some may argue here, and would probably easily win- my posts aren't all that deep.) I will not post 13 pictures of me in my new Anthropoligie church dress, followed with a cheery "I just LOVE Sundays!!!! Have a LOVELY day!!! This does not require thought to write, nor does it provide entertainment to view.

5. I will not post pictures of every time we go out to eat. I don't look charming and dainty when I hold my burgers up to my mouth- I look more like a ravenous troll. Plus, there are only so many shots you can take of a Costa Vida chicken salad, or a Little Ceasars Hot-N-Ready. If the occasional restaurant pic shows up, I can assure you it will not be a typical "posed candid" of us enjoying our scrumptious fare. And I will make these pics few and far between.

Basically I strongly believe that life should be blogged about, but not lived to be blogged about. If that makes sense. I don't plan on living life with this blog in the back of my mind. Obviously blogs do tend to focus on the good aspects of life; the fun days, the more photogenic moments, etc. But in all reality, life is life, and I don't plan on painting mine to be some glorified, perfected version of it.

Hopefully I didn't hurt any feelings.

Have a LOVELY day! XOXO

Just kidding.