Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hits the Nail on the Head

No Place Like Home

Last week Brock and I got to up to Utah! The trip was originally planned for the purpose of seeing (meeting, in Brock's case) my little brother Jeff who got home from his mission last Thursday. However, in sadly typical Carolyn fashion, I messed up on the dates and we ended up missing Jeff by about 12 hours. By the time we realized I'd gotten the dates wrong, it was too late- we had both already taken work off  on specific days that couldn't be changed at that point and my plane ticket was already purchased. Missing our trip was just out of the question- we were both looking forward to the break, so we decided to go anyway. Plus, one of my best friends got married last weekend so I would have flown solo and gone up that weekend anyway.

I'm so glad we both went up because it was a much needed, relaxing trip. We spent most of our time relaxing with family, visiting friends and eating. I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few:

 Alyssa and me, waiting for the bride and groom to emerge. It was unseasonably warm outside, which was why I had ditched my coat and purse a few yards away on the sidewalk. Normally I wouldn't be quite so foolish, but hey-we WERE at the temple...
 Kate looked SOOO beautiful! This was the first temple wedding I've attended since I got married and it was amazing. Kate and Steve are so perfect together and I'm so happy for them! 
 Kate and the girls. Really, I have GOT to tone down the posing. My grandma told me she didn't care for my blue tights. Now that I look at this picture, I'm not sure I do either.
 We went to the BYU creamery where my brother Kurt works. I'm pretty sure he hooked us up because our ice cream cones were HUGE.
 Kurt rocking his fine creamery costume. (Yes,ever since the Magleby's days, I have referred to work uniforms as "costumes".)
 Okay, so I totally meant to take "before" and "after" pictures, but I ended up forgetting both and only took a "during" picture. My daring mom allowed me to highlight her hair. And if I must say so myself, it looked good. I'm no longer shy about my secret dream to do hair. If only hair school didn't cost money and take time...
 We went up to Salt Lake to see Brock's fabulous sister Bailey at CPK! It was so good to chat with her over our my staple BBQ chicken salad.
On our last day in Provo, we decided to go up Provo canyon because it is one of our favorite places in the world. We used to go on walks up there all the time when we were dating. We took this picture on the same bridge we got engaged on. Awww.. 

It was such a fun trip! We spent tons of time with my family and were even able to see Brock's parents on their way up to Salt Lake one night. The only bad thing about trips home- I get a renewed sense of homesickness for a while afterwards. I am already excited for the next time we get to see our families and friends, even if it's not for a while.