Thursday, August 30, 2012

Now We Know Jack

Jack Douglas Sargent has arrived!

On Friday August 24th, 2012, I was somehow able to squeeze an (almost) ten pound baby out of me after only 6 hours of labor. I am quite proud of this accomplishment. He has set the bar pretty high for my future babies. Not that I even want to think about actually being pregnant again these days...

I know that as his parents we are biased, but Brock and I are convinced that Jack is just the greatest thing ever. I don't think I'll ever get tired of staring at him, in awe of his every movement.

Look Brock, he raised his arm!

Aww, look at his little pout...

Hurry get a picture, he's smiling! (I know, I know... just gas)

Obviously we are very easily impressed.

Jack has been the perfect addition to our little family. The thought of us not having him seems so weird, even though a mere week ago this was just the case. He is amazing. Like everyone told me before he was born, I just didn't comprehend the love I'd have for our child until I held him in my arms. Not to mention the love and admiration I have for my sweet husband. Seeing Brock hold, play with and talk to little Jack melts my heart. I am so grateful that he is willing to work so hard at work and school every day because I know he does it for our family. 

And now for the pictures!

I have seriously spent hours trying to get a picture of one of his elusive gas induced "smiles". This is the closest I've gotten so far. Also, Jack has spent the first week of his life almost exclusively in a white onesie. (Multiple white onesies, not the same one- I promise.) 

 The happy family. Yes, that is a Fig Newton wrapper. Pre-baby Carolyn didn't care much for the geriatric preferred snack food, but Post-baby Carolyn apparently loves them. After all I'd gone through, I don't think anything has ever tasted better to me.

  This wasn't a really lucky and well timed picture. Jack threw up and held up this gang sign/hand signal for about ten minutes while asleep one day. I would love to know what sort of dream he was having. 

9lbs 13oz? No wonder I waddled around for the entire summer.

 After Jack was cleaned up. I'm not going to post the pictures that were taken right when he came out. I look like a naked corpse (a happy one though) and Jack's skin looks grey. Ah, the glamors of childbirth! 

 I had very lofty plans for my post-baby diet. This diet was supposed to go into effect as soon as Jack came out. Yet, somehow almost a week later, it still hasn't started. Lo and behold, my choice of dinner that first night at the hospital. It probably had more calories than a normal person should ingest in a week. But hey, all that pushing probably burns a few, right?

 While I'm on the topic of food, this was the last meal I was able to balance on my tummy, a convenience I cherished during my pregnancy. Before the hospital that morning we stopped at McDonalds and I enjoyed a ceremonial "last supper" atop my built-in tray.

 Like all babies, there are moments when Jack looks just like an LDS General Authority. The little baby zit on his forehead was really tempting to me. Brock had to swat my greedy little fingers away from it on more than one occasion. Luckily for him, baby skin seems to have magic properties and it literally cleared up within hours. 

 Brock is the cutest dad I know. Jack loves to lie on his chest. Sometimes he gets confused though and starts searching for a milk outlet. 

Dancing on his new blanket. As a frequent attendee of UVU's Institute dances back in the day, I recognize this move as "the sprinkler".

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Eve

I've always been the type of person who often enjoys the anticipation of an event more than the actual event itself.

Some examples? Christmas Day itself pales in comparison to the entire season leading up to it. Growing up, I usually enjoyed the 4th of July more than my birthday, the 5th of July. And when in school, I always loved those exciting, chaotic, field-day filled last few weeks of classes much more than summer break itself, which, let's be honest, was often very anticlimactic and boring.

So I guess it's kind of fitting that Brock and I have been given an extra, one-time holiday made up purely of anticipation. I'm calling it Baby Eve.And it happens to be today.

Apparently I have a really comfortable womb. Our little guy really isn't seeming to want to come out. Luckily for me (the most impatient person in the world) my doctor's office has a policy that they will induce you once you've reached a week past your due date. Tomorrow at 7am, we will go to the hospital and I will be induced. Whether he likes it or not, our baby is coming tomorrow. I'm really hoping he has a good attitude about it. If all goes according to plan, I will be someone's mom by tomorrow night. 

Part of me is kind of sad that I'm probably not going to get to experience that frantic "holy cow, I am in labor" panic/excitement filled moment like a lot of moms get to. At least not this time around. I can't help but imagine how exciting it would be to have my water break-even if it were in public. Or how fun it would be to wake Brock up in the middle of the night because my contractions are so close together. But... I guess knowing exactly when the baby is coming is convenient- and exciting in a different way. I get all day today to think about it and prepare. I've been able to deep clean my house (all 700 square feet of it), catch up on laundry, pack my bag, buy treats to get Brock through the next few days and look forward to a nice relaxing shower tonight. The whole time my stomach has been filled with (the good kind of) butterflies; I cannot stop thinking about tomorrow!

Our baby's birthday will be August 24th. Some celebrities with birthdays August 24th: Rupert Grint (the fair skinned, ginger haired Ron Weasley) Chad Michael Murray (ahh, this would have made 17 year old Carolyn VERY happy) and Dave Chappell (the only stand-up comedian I can actually quote- I listened to one routine on my ipod during a long run once and creepily LOL'ed my way down Provo Canyon). 

Tonight Brock and I plan on celebrating Baby Eve. I'm not entirely sure what this celebration will consist of, since he has class until 9pm, but I plan on making it special somehow. Maybe some good dinner and a movie? Or most likely we'll just sit around speculating in awe about what our baby will look/be like. That's what happens most nights anyway. Well one thing is for certain: just like I've never done so on Christmas Eve, there is no way I will be getting much sleep tonight!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

40 Weeks

Before possibly our last date before having to make babysitting arrangements.
Officially 40 weeks pregnant! Full term. I keep telling our baby that this means he is welcome to make an appearance at any time.Unfortunately he seems as happy as a clam in there, content to kick my ribs all night long and make painful jolting movements that I sometimes mistake for contractions. I know it's really common, for first time moms especially, to go past their due dates; I don't know why I am so restless and anxious to get him out. I mean, once he is here, he is here FOREVER! And he'll be a lot harder to take care of then. I should just relax and enjoy the last week of my life in which I am only responsible for one human life. But really, I literally CRAVE holding the little guy. I already feel surprisingly bonded to him and I've never laid eyes on him. I can't even imagine how much I'll love him when he's in my arms. Plus, I am so curious to see what he'll look like! Will he have hair? (I hope so, at least a little.) How big will he be? (I suspect 8 lbs+. The doctor told me his head is currently really low, yet I still feel kicks in my ribs all the time. That means even squished and folded up, he's taking up a LOT of space.) Will he be a good baby? (If karma has any validity in this situation, I might be in trouble. I have been informed that I was the baby from hell. I apparently cried NON STOP for the first 5 months of my life.)

My swollen hands after the death walk.
Yesterday, in an attempt to get things going, I naively ventured out on a nice 4 mile power walk. Um, HUGE mistake. I have not been especially active during this pregnancy and 90 degree heat is a friend to nobody. For the first bit, I was chatting on the phone and didn't recognize my misery until I was already 2 miles out.  Those two (uphill) miles back were killer. I had to get off the phone (talking put me out of breath) and kept having to squat down every 20 yards or so (I sweat out all the water in my body and felt lightheaded). Some of these breath-catching squat-downs were done in the bicycle lane of the street as there was no sidewalk. Oh also, the best part? I was wearing a belly shirt the entire time. I accidentally put on a shirt that I swear fit me last week. Apparently my stomach has grown/changed position drastically since then, because I was baring a solid 6 inches of ghostly white pregnant belly skin the entire time. I'm sure the cars driving past were having a hay day. I did get a few encouraging honks and "whoots". When I finally made it to the church next door to our house, I saw a patch of shade under a tree that looked tempting. Might as well take one last rest before that final 30 yard stretch, right? Another bad call. I huffed and puffed over to the shade patch and promptly lied down in a pile of dog poop.

And as for the baby? He was probably laughing the whole time. By now it's become clear that he had no intentions of budging whatsoever. That little tease.

I have been waiting for almost 10 months to see this screen show up on my "Baby Bump" app... Although it is a little anticlimactic sitting here typing this, contraction-free with water intact, while baby boy kicks away happily.

Umm, also can I just share these gems I found on the Baby Bump app today? First of all, I'm pretty sure I accidentally installed the "Baby Bump Ghetto Edition", because you should see some of the posts that are shared in the message boards. This girl sure had a "qood" question! Yes Krystal77, "yuh" should "due" some squats. Also, why in the world would you post that picture of your stomach for all of the community to see? I mean, you CANNOT be proud of that! I know stretch marks are a sad truth and that is a nicely designed skeleton/butterfly(?) tattoo, but really- we don't need a visual.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

37 Weeks and Things I Will Miss About Being Pregnant

I am officially so over this! Throughout my entire pregnancy, people kept warning me that the last month is the hardest. I blew the warnings off, figuring that by the time that final month came, my excitement and adrenaline would create a sort of "high" that I could ride on for those last few weeks.

Wrong Carolyn, so wrong.

However there are some things that I am trying to enjoy during my 9th month. (It is such a joke that pregnancy is actually 10 months. So misleading.)

Things I will miss about being pregnant:

Unlimited Calories:
Okay, so this is not entirely true. I think the recommended increase in daily caloric intake is only about 500/day at this point. I'm pretty sure a Taco Time Big Juan Crisp (which has quickly become a daily staple) is packing more than that. But for me, someone who has had to learn to be somewhat calorie conscious in my old age, these nine months have been a blast. It's so liberating to eat whatever you want and be able to blame it on the baby! I've have developed some horrendous habits, mostly involving cheese and white bread, and it's gonna be quite the shock when I suddenly care about fitting into my normal clothes again and a diet of burritos and sno-cones isn't getting me there.

Free Foot Rubs:
When I say free, I mean foot rubs without the accompanying obligation to pay Brock back. Normally we're big back/shoulder/foot rub massage people. Not an episode of "Breaking Bad" goes by without us trading our services while watching. Pregnancy has been great because more often than not, Brock conveniently "forgets" that I owe him after my rubdown. At least, I hope he's forgetting, or else I've racked up a LOT of debt.

A Break from Fashion:
I currently fit into 3 shirts. 4 if you count the cardigan I sometimes layer on to jazz things up. Although feeling cute is out of the question these days, it's kind of nice not to have to spend time deciding what to wear. Usually only one shirt is clean at any given time anyway. I have purposely avoided spending much on maternity clothes. Why should I waste money on dressing well during a time of life that, let's face it, isn't my best, physically speaking? And even the cutest-of-cute maternity clothes look just like that- maternity clothes. I'd rather be sort of dumpy (yet comfortable) now and save that money for cute things to reward myself once I look relatively decent again.

Attention from Random Strangers:
I know this sounds creepy, like I am some insecure little girl with Daddy issues, but I actually sort of enjoy how friendly people are when you're pregnant. I feel like I am constantly getting smiles and those knowing "ah, 9 months pregnant" looks from strangers, especially women. It's like I'm in this club that a lot of us have been in (or will be in) at one point in life. I must just look like I'm having a boy, because oddly enough when a stranger attempts a gender guess, 9/10 times they get it right. One thing I hate though- random belly touching. If we know each other, great. Access granted. I have no problem with people I even somewhat know touching the goods. But when we have never met before, this is not okay. A strange woman in Hobby Lobby attempted a friendly belly pat yesterday and it shook me up so much I left without buying the craft paint I came for.

There are probably more things that I WON'T miss about being pregnant, but those are for another post.