Friday, May 13, 2011

Roughin' It

Recently, Brock and I decided we wanted to be "camping people".

This decision was made for a few well thought out reasons. The first being a deep-rooted and sincere yearning to be one with nature, of course. And the second? We figured camping would be a cheap way to mix a few vacations into the mix without breaking the bank.

Brock's recent birthday/graduation festivities were completely dedicated to/monopolized by our future as campers. He received a tent (from his sister), lantern (from me) and a generous Sportsman's Warehouse gift card (from his parents). Disclaimer: Judging by this list alone, it appears that I, his wife, gave him by far the crappiest present. I promise I gave him other things too; just aren't camping related and therefore don't fit into this post.

One trip to Sportsman's Warehouse later, we were set. The proud new owners of sleeping bags, air mattress, fishing poles, cooler and (most importantly) a dutch oven, we set off for our first adventure up in AF canyon.

Here are some pics: 

Brock and myself in front of some delightful AF mountain scenery. My slightly orange aura has been provided by Jergens Gradual Tan lotion. 

Although it looks like a "funny pose", I think this was actually candid, showcasing Brock's "I'm concentrating really hard on hammering this tent stake with a rock" look.

A fun action shot of Brock lighting some coal on fire. Cool huh? Okay, I might have gone overboard on the action shots. 

I'd just like to draw attention to both the Yellowstone t-shirt and the camo hoodie. A lot of thought went into this camping outfit (seriously) and i suspect it will probably become my main camping uniform.
Home, sweet home! Notice we forgot pillows. Luckily the camo hoodie is versatile as well as invisible. It made a wonderful head rest. 

Brock, deeply engrossed in his book about war strategy while enjoying the warmth of the blazing fire.  

You are probably curious about this enthralling book that has me literally on the edge of my seat. Why, it's a red-hot read about betrayal, coming-of-age and an illegitimate Amish pregnancy, of course. You wouldn't want to stop reading for a picture either.  

And the highlight of the evening, the Dutch Oven chicken creation. It's no "Bobby Flay's Dutch Oven Lamb Cacciatore with Lime Mint Glaze" (real recipe, I swear), but it actually came out really tasty! 

Ah, just enjoying the essentials- sunshine, meal out of a tupperware and a nice Diet Mountain Dew. 

Brock could hardly wait to get another potato into his mouth. Notice that his eyes are closed, as to heighten his sense of taste. 

You can't tell from this picture, but that marshmallow was roasted perfection on an ash covered stick. Mmmmmmm....

Yes, I think I'm gonna like being "camping people."