Thursday, May 31, 2012

California Trip

Last week Brock and I joined the rest of the Sargent crew for a nice trip to sunny, warm beautiful California. Here are some poorly organized photos from the vacation.

The whole Sargent crew. I really hope our baby inherits the Sargent "quick tan" gene. I mistakenly thought I could handle the same amount of sun exposure as these golden goddesses and am now paying the price with aloe vera lotion every 2-3 hours.

I love this picture because it is completely candid. Brock really was that happy out there. He also insisted on keeping his glasses on. I wish you could see the hot pink chums he had secured them with. I also really wish there was a discreetly creepy shark fin in there behind him somewhere. 

The Sargent boys. Actually, more like the Sargent men. 

Brock, me and the baby. I don't know if the little guy loved or hated the cold water, but he kicked around like crazy the entire time we were in there.

Why is waking up at the crack of dawn to exercise even when on vacation a good idea? So you can look like this on the beach, of course. I obviously did not participate in these early morning runs. 

Here is the problem with this picture: I don't look pregnant here. Instead, I just look like I've put on 30 or so pounds. I've got to figure out a good pose to use for the next few months to avoid this. Sea World was great. Although our group probably had the highest average age of all the groups there, we were definitely not lacking in enthusiasm. I never knew a tank full of Nurse Sharks could provide so much joy.

Bailey, Brock and me waiting for the Shamu show to start. Brock seems to be having a hard time being patient. Although discreetly littered with subliminal environmentalist propaganda, the show was awesome. Also, I'm pretty sure this picture wasn't taken with a '90s disposable camera, so I'm not sure why the date and time appeared in the bottom corner.

I think this was a real Great White Shark jaw. Or maybe it was just a life size replica. Either way, it is terrifying. So is my posture. 

I found myself secretly wishing I was an animal trainer the whole day. I guess this is what you do with a Marine Biology degree. They also seemed quite proficient in rhythmic clapping and other simple dance moves. Or maybe those were actually their way of communicating with the animals.

The ladies in front of the Sea Turtle tank. Again, not quite sure why the date and time appeared in the corner. Brock missed out on this picture because he was actively listening to and asking questions to the guide, whom everyone else had learned to tune out. This is why Brock is smarter than me.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Brock's Birthday

Brock has had a birthday.

For the next two months, my husband is officially older than me.

Until July when I also turn 26. Only when that day comes will I see us as the same age again.  I feel like the older we get, the more delight I'll take in this two month period.

Actually, I really like having a husband my same age. It's kind of nice to reminisce about childhood/high school and not have to account for any sort of age discrepancy. We both burned Ja Rule CDs in 10th grade. We both sported Quiksilver/Roxy clothes in Jr. High. (If they were on sale.) And we both enjoyed the seasons when the Utah Jazz were really good. (4th-6th grade?)

I think Brock had a pretty good birthday! We honestly didn't do anything super exciting, but with everything we've had going on lately, a low key day was just what we both needed.

Some pictures:

 I told Brock we could go anywhere in the world (well , in the greater Phoenix/Glendale area) for lunch on his big day. What did he choose? Why, the Costco food court, of course. As you can see, we enjoyed quite the spread of all their finest items. Informative Tip: Do not be tempted by the menu item "Carne Asada Bake". While it looks delicious, it is disappointingly dry and tasteless.

 We decided to go to Cabela's and to look for some sort of manly birthday present. We didn't buy anything, but we did enjoy the taxidermy on display. As is obvious by the gym shorts and UVU shirt, we take birthdays very seriously and dress up accordingly.
For dinner that night, we decided to branch out from our 5 regular tried-and-true chain restaurants and venture out to enjoy some of Phoenix's finest BBQ at... "Bobby Q". Honestly, the idea started out as a joke because we thought the name was so funny, but it actually got really good reviews online, so we decided to try it out. 

 And yes, the food was actually really good! We always get nervous when branching out and going to restaurants we aren't familiar with. Last time we tried something new, we ended up paying over $100 for literally 3 bites of weird/gross French cuisine in Park City. Frustrated, unfulfilled and literally starving, I think we ended up at a Cafe Rio 20 minutes later.

Obviously I am a horrible food photographer, but the above pictures are my attempt to showcase Brock's mint Oreo birthday cake. Actually, it was a pan of brownies. In both of our opinions, brownies are way better than cake anyway.  These shots were taken before, during and after the painful but necessary Happy Birthday solo I insisted on singing from behind the camera.

We (well, actually I think it was me) accidentally threw away Brock's birthday check from his parents.This resulted in an exciting midnight rummage through the Sage Stone apartment complex dumpster. After a few fun minutes of sorting through grass clippings, sticky Coke cans and our own Hefty bag of filth, the birthday card with check inside was found! Luckily that old mattress was there or else I don't know how Brock would have gotten out.