Monday, June 27, 2011

Phoenix/California Trip

True to tradition, I’d like to introduce this blog post with my usual pack of lies- apologizing for the lack of recent posts and promising more frequent activity in the future. Yes, I am fully aware that these statements mean absolutely nothing coming from me; any and all promises concerning the frequency of blog posts have proven to be empty in the past.

I do like to think that I have a decent excuse this time. Brock and I have been “stealing” internet for the past 6 months by connecting to our neighbor’s wi-fi. The old “linksys” network worked like a charm until about mid-May when it unexpectedly decided to have “limited connectivity” (whatever that means). This has obviously hindered my posting ability.

Normally this situation would motivate us to seek internet access in an ethical yet reasonably priced way- Comcast internet can’t be more than $10/month, right? But as fate would have it, this just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Why? Because my smart, amazing, hard-working husband just landed himself his first “big boy” job and we are moving to Phoenix in a week and a half.Hopefully we can steal internet there. 

We drove down to Phoenix last week to find an apartment and try to get somewhat acquainted with our new home city. From what we could tell, Phoenix is a great place. It's big, but not overwhelmingly so. It seems clean and relatively crack-fiend free. Phoenix is home to teams from all 4 major sports (Hockey is the 4th, just FYI), which was a major selling point for Brock. We found a cute little apartment just 10 minutes west of downtown Phoenix. We got what seemed like a great deal on it (the cost of living is relatively low down there) and even though moving will suck, the third floor with a balcony overlooking the pool will be ideal. 

After we decided on the apartment, we hung around Phoenix for another day then set off to California for a little family vacation. We figured we might as well, since we were half way there. Here are some pictures of last week:
 A nice scenic view of a Phoenix street and the back of my body. I sort of thought I had longer hair than this. Time to bust out the clip-in extensions?

Our apartment is on the top floor of the front right building. The girl who showed us the place kept encouraging us to pour a glass of wine and enjoy the balcony. Substitute some Crystal Light and I think she may be on to something.

Brock and I at Chase field, where the Diamondbacks play. As pictured, I had already fallen victim to the stadium's overpriced merchandise.

 To the untrained eye, this was a daddy-daughter outing. Brock looks about 35 and I look about 15.

Hayden, Brock and I at Huntington Beach. Hayden is one of my best friends, and is lucky enough to live literally down the street from Huntington Beach. It was a perfect beach day. Too perfect, in fact. The light breeze distracted us from the fact that the sun was indeed still beating down on us, and Brock's skin got burnt to a crisp. 

Six flags- the best people watching in America. Is it bad that I left the park feeling really, really good about myself and my situation in life? I have never seen such a concentrated bunch of hoodlums in one place. The rides were also fantastic, even though I lost an earring on one and unknowingly strutted around the park like a pirate for hours.

Dodger's game! It had obviously been a long (but fun) day, from the looks of my haggard face/limp hair. Two baseball games in one vacation-Brock was in heaven.