Thursday, August 30, 2012

Now We Know Jack

Jack Douglas Sargent has arrived!

On Friday August 24th, 2012, I was somehow able to squeeze an (almost) ten pound baby out of me after only 6 hours of labor. I am quite proud of this accomplishment. He has set the bar pretty high for my future babies. Not that I even want to think about actually being pregnant again these days...

I know that as his parents we are biased, but Brock and I are convinced that Jack is just the greatest thing ever. I don't think I'll ever get tired of staring at him, in awe of his every movement.

Look Brock, he raised his arm!

Aww, look at his little pout...

Hurry get a picture, he's smiling! (I know, I know... just gas)

Obviously we are very easily impressed.

Jack has been the perfect addition to our little family. The thought of us not having him seems so weird, even though a mere week ago this was just the case. He is amazing. Like everyone told me before he was born, I just didn't comprehend the love I'd have for our child until I held him in my arms. Not to mention the love and admiration I have for my sweet husband. Seeing Brock hold, play with and talk to little Jack melts my heart. I am so grateful that he is willing to work so hard at work and school every day because I know he does it for our family. 

And now for the pictures!

I have seriously spent hours trying to get a picture of one of his elusive gas induced "smiles". This is the closest I've gotten so far. Also, Jack has spent the first week of his life almost exclusively in a white onesie. (Multiple white onesies, not the same one- I promise.) 

 The happy family. Yes, that is a Fig Newton wrapper. Pre-baby Carolyn didn't care much for the geriatric preferred snack food, but Post-baby Carolyn apparently loves them. After all I'd gone through, I don't think anything has ever tasted better to me.

  This wasn't a really lucky and well timed picture. Jack threw up and held up this gang sign/hand signal for about ten minutes while asleep one day. I would love to know what sort of dream he was having. 

9lbs 13oz? No wonder I waddled around for the entire summer.

 After Jack was cleaned up. I'm not going to post the pictures that were taken right when he came out. I look like a naked corpse (a happy one though) and Jack's skin looks grey. Ah, the glamors of childbirth! 

 I had very lofty plans for my post-baby diet. This diet was supposed to go into effect as soon as Jack came out. Yet, somehow almost a week later, it still hasn't started. Lo and behold, my choice of dinner that first night at the hospital. It probably had more calories than a normal person should ingest in a week. But hey, all that pushing probably burns a few, right?

 While I'm on the topic of food, this was the last meal I was able to balance on my tummy, a convenience I cherished during my pregnancy. Before the hospital that morning we stopped at McDonalds and I enjoyed a ceremonial "last supper" atop my built-in tray.

 Like all babies, there are moments when Jack looks just like an LDS General Authority. The little baby zit on his forehead was really tempting to me. Brock had to swat my greedy little fingers away from it on more than one occasion. Luckily for him, baby skin seems to have magic properties and it literally cleared up within hours. 

 Brock is the cutest dad I know. Jack loves to lie on his chest. Sometimes he gets confused though and starts searching for a milk outlet. 

Dancing on his new blanket. As a frequent attendee of UVU's Institute dances back in the day, I recognize this move as "the sprinkler".


  1. He is so perfect Carolyn! Congratulations to you and Brock :) it's amazing how that love will just grow and grow with each year and each child and I believe it makes you and your spouse closer and happier. Love you! You look beautiful!

  2. Carr, I am so happy for you! I'm dying to see you once your life calms down a bit! I love all your pics, they are so sweet! Keep em' comin.