Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Month 3... 2 Months Later

 When I was 1 year old, I weighed 18 pounds.

Jack is 4 months old. He weighs 19 pounds.

We are getting really excited about this kid's future athletic career.

I was really hoping my arm strength would increase proportionally as Jack gained weight. Sadly, this has not happened. My arms still resemble Spongebob's. 

Out of his many fantastic baby-esque qualities, my personal favorite these days is his ability to sleep. Jack has become a champion nighttime sleeper. He regularly sleeps 11+ hours each night. We're still working on the napping thing. He is quite the cat napper, peppering in little power naps throughout the day. If he's asleep for 45 minutes, I consider it a huge accomplishment. Mostly I'm lucky to get 20 minutes at a time out of him. Just long enough to draft up a mediocre at best blog post, right?

These pictures are from November when he was 3 months old. At this rate, I'll probably get around to posting his 4th month pictures in about June...

I love dressing Jack in "big guy" clothes. Because, you know, "big guys" are always wearing shirts with cartoon cars embroidered on the chest.

I had been planning Jack's lobster costume since about 2010. He ended up wearing it that day for about 13 minutes. Some would say the costume was a waste of $24.95+shipping and handling, but I say it was my favorite 13 minutes of the year.

This was going to be Jack's blessing outfit until we found the original get-up that Brock and his dad were blessed in. Jack took the outfit a little seriously and began sternly calling me to repentance.

Jack with Brock on his blessing day. He was so well behaved- he didn't even cry or poop during the blessing! Oh yeah, and Jack was pretty good too. I know, best joke of the day. 
We had a luncheon at my parents' house afterwards. Most people would probably take lots of artsy pictures of the tasty spread (soup, salad, bread) but of course I was too busy eating/wrestling with Jack to bother with the camera until the food and people were all gone.

Soon, young Jack, the sight of pizza will not be quite so boring.

Jack and aunt Bailey. For a while Jack had a widow's peak hairline. I'm glad it evened out. I saw the Twilight movie. I know how much trouble baby Vampires can be.
I'm not sure who is holding Jack here, but he is obviously liking the attention.

Jack is finally starting to like the car more. Either that or he's just getting lazier- he usually only bothers to whine for the first few minutes of each trip before he gets sick of it and quiets down. I think he's also glad to be back to our normal radio faves- he was getting a little sick of the constant Christmas music.

Bad parent alert! Yes, Jack is watching The Lion King on my laptop. Judge all you want. When your baby is so fussy and clingy you literally have to use the restroom with him on your lap, Disney is your last resort.

Jack likes to help hold his bottles. Sometimes he'll even hold them himself. The blurry hand in the lower left corner is either clapping with delight or rushing to aid a nearly falling bottle.

Tummy time. Jack sporadically rolls over, but it's not an everyday thing. The doctor said not to worry- its a lot harder to roll 20 pounds over from back to front. That makes sense.

This picture serves two purposes. One, to showcase the ghetto fabulous homemade PVC pipe toy we handcrafted for Jack. $5. You can't tell me a 3 month old knows the difference between this and the $50 model. Secondly, I wanted to point out Jack's thighs and the way they fill up the Bumbo's leg slots. Where he get dem legs from? He get 'em from his mama. Just kidding. Kind of.

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  1. I don't think the baby blessing pic or your caption could be any better!